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Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Vermont Chapter 26-2

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Proud partner with the
Vermont Fallen Families.
Supporting those left behind.

Vets Helping Vets is what we do - Check out this article in the
St Albans Messenger of 29 December...

 Welcome to our Internet presence.
We are members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association,
Chapter 26-2 in Vermont.

We are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Military Wives, Guardsmen, young, old, still serving, retired. We all share a love of country and a profound sense of duty and commitment to our fellow Veterans.

The CVMA is a national organization, with a presence in every state. Although our members may wear a leather vest with a big patch on the back, we are NOT a motorcycle club. Initiation consists of a handshake and a hug. Our members have paid their “dues” on the battlefields of the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan - wherever our nation has sent us to be in harm’s way.
We have all written checks to America for everything we have.

We all carry the scars of our service - some visible, some not.

We are American Veterans and we ride motorcycles.


All photos and content are property of CVMA Vermont 26-2 unless otherwise noted.
Please give credit as appropriate if you use our stuff. Thanks!