Freedom Bike Facts


The project:

  • This bike was a joint project involving the Vermont Department of Correction’s Community High School (CHSVT), Green Mountain Harley Davidson (GMHD), Chapter 26-2 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA 26-2), and the Vermont Veterans Place (VVP).  The 1991 883cc Harley Sportster is a highly modified and customized motorcycle built by the students at Community High School’s automotive shop at the Northwest Corrections Facility in St. Albans.
  • The motorcycle construction was supervised by technicians from the school and GMHD with donated parts.
  • At least ten students worked on the motorcycle as part of “Harley Time” a program involving CHSVT and GMHD.
  • The bike was raffled off by CVMA 26-2 and the VVP.  The proceeds from ticket sales went  to the Veterans Place except for a small portion which will stay with Chapter 26-2 to fund other projects supporting Veterans. 
  • The Bike: 
  • The 1991 Sportster 883cc frame has been fitted with a 1250cc Revolution Performance motor.  It is equipped with Screaming Eagle heads and a 44mm carburetor with high flow intake.
  • The bike has Daytona Twintec adjustable race ignition and the power train is belt drive.
  • The bike is finished with 3 coats of Oldsmobile Gold base, 12 coats of House of Color root bear candy, 2 oz of gold flake, and 3 coats of clear coat.  In the sunlight the finish is incredible!
  • The Partners:
  • The Department of Correction’s Community High School of Vermont (CHSVT) provides an accredited, coordinated and personalized education that assists students in their academic, social and vocational successes.  The CHSVT is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • Contact information:   Dana Lesperance, M.Ed., GCDF, Assistant Director, Corrections Education Community High School of Vermont.  Vermont Dept. of Corrections 802.673-5984.
  • The Vermont Veterans’ Place helps Vermont’s Homeless Veterans by providing desperately needed resources in an all-in-one locale so these Veterans may regain their PRIDE, reach their full potential, and once again become contributing members of society.  The Veterans’ Place is a transitional housing facility combined with assistive services for Homeless Veterans in Central Vermont. Our goal is to help Homeless Veterans transition from the homeless population. We have more than twenty-five other dedicated partners helping us. Contact Karen Boyce at (802) 485-8874.
  • Chapter 26-2 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Military Wives, Guardsmen, young, old, still serving, retired. We all share a love of country and a profound sense of duty and commitment to our fellow Veterans. The CVMA is a national organization, with a presence in every state. Although our members may wear a leather vest with a big patch on the back, we are NOT a motorcycle club. Initiation consists of a handshake and a hug. Our members have paid their “dues” on the battlefields of the Pacific, Europe, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan - wherever our nation has sent us to be in harm’s way.  We have all written checks to America for everything we have and were ready to sacrifice.  We all carry the scars of our service - some visible, some not.  We are American Veterans and we ride motorcycles.
  • Green Mountain Harley Davidson (GMHD) is a commercial enterprise in Essex Junction which has a variety of programs that support motorcycle riders and veterans.  GMHD is a partner with the Community High School of Vermont (CHSVT), supporting the Harley Time program at the automotive shop at the Northwest Community Corrections Facility in St. Albans.  Technicians from GMHD mentor students in the shop as they build motorcycles to help charitable organizations raise funds. 
  • Contact David or Debby Pearson at GMHD at 802 878-4778.