Many thanks to Past Chapter Commander, Scott BIG DAWG Reed and his bride Laura EVASIVE MANEUVERS  Reed for their dedication, heart, tenacity, patience, love of motorcycling and of our veterans.  You established and lead VT 26-2 from it’s inception with a sharp focus on what really mattered - the Veterans.

Some comments from your supporters and admirers follow.

A job Well Done!

Scott's Beretta Grip

17 March 2014
Every once in a while, someone comes along that really makes a difference in our lives.

Scott and Laura have had that impact on our lives, as well as the whole of 26-2.  It was an honor to be there yesterday and witness the "changing of the guard", and feel the wonderful camaraderie between you all.  It certainly has been a life changing connection for us, and we will always be in your debt, for all you have done for us. 

Scott and Laura - a job well done, a hard act to follow, and well wishes for the new BOD. I feel they are as dedicated as Scott and Laura and up for the challenges ahead. It certainly felt good to be among so many friends, and a small part of that organization, an honor I will always cherish.

Sincerely, Marion and Steve Gray

17 March 2014
I would like to ditto all of Marion’s sentiments. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and friendship with The Veterans’ Place.

It is groups like yours that make what we do here a reality. Without you we would just be another housing opportunity for Veterans not a HOME, and that is what makes the biggest difference to our residents, they feel at Home here.

 I so look forward to this summer’s events around the Harley for the Veterans’ Place, I cannot wait to share the news with the Board of Directors and the residents. Again thank you for including me in yesterday’s festivities and look forward to April’s visit.

Karen Boyce
Adminatrative Manager and Case Manager
The Veterans’ Place Inc.
220 Vine Street
VT 05663

16 March 2014
It was a pleasure to be there today and witness the events that happened.

That was a great way to see the transfer to a new BOD and you could see the incredible support for Scott as outgoing Chapter Commander, plus a really nice gift!

I look forward to working, riding and enjoying this year with you all and seeing your further successes. You all are truly living the Vets Helping Vets motto.

Stan WOODCHUCK Wood, VT State Representative